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If friends want to download Teen Patti Dilbar , then you can download by clicking on the given download button and you will get Sign-Up Bonus 41 as you download. Which is a big deal and Minimum Withdraw 100 has been kept. You have to read this article carefully.

New Rummy App 2022 Download
New Rummy App 2022 Download

About Teen Patti Dilbar App

App Name Teen Patti Dilbar
App Size 29.6MB
App Version 1.0.0
Official Website Click Here
Sign-Up Bonus 41
Minimum Withdraw 100
Commission 30%
Invitation Code 3qNHCn
Lunch Date 01 June 2022

How to Download Teen Patti Dilbar APK?

Friends, if you also want to download Teen Patti Dilbar Apk , then the easiest way is to download it by clicking on the given download button. As you download, you have to install it in your mobile phone like you install, so what you have to do is going to tell you in this article, read carefully.

How to Register Teen Patti Dilbar App?

To register in Teen Patti Dilbar App, first of all you have to open the app. You have to click on the place where you will be showing 30 rupees and if you click, then you will ask for your information. You have to pay all the fillings of Sara as your bank and UPI will ask for the information. And your name, password, OTP and username will also be asked. If you fill it then you will get Signup Bonus of Rs.41.


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How Many Types of Games are there?

Friends , many games are available in Teen Patti Dilbar App such as Andar Bahar, 7 Up Down, Benz BMW, Rummy etc. There is no dearth of games in Rummy Dilbar , you get to see a total of 15 games. Make a list and see in the box below that which games are available to play.

Serial No. Game 08 Deep SEA Fishing
01 I’m doing Patti 09 7 Up Down
02 Rummy 10 Andar Bahar
03 AK 47 11 Lucky Dice
04 10 Card Rummy 12 Fortune Wheel
05 Ludo 13 Win Go
06 Slots 14 Poke King
07 Dragon Tiger 15 BENZ BMW

How to Play All Games Teen Patti Dilbar?

Friends, all the games in the game are fictional. I have written about all the games in terms of how they are played. Everything should be done in turn or just play what you like to play the game. Because your money can also be lost.

  1. Teen Patti – Teen Patti is usually played by 3 to 6 players and uses a 52-card pack without jokers. Like other poker and rummy games, Teen Patti begins with a wager. Generally, there must be a certain amount that players are willing to wager before the cards are dealt. After one player has placed a bet and everyone has collected the boot amount, each player is dealt three cards face down. The boot amount is the minimum amount of cash at stake that is placed in the pot. The pot sits in the middle of the table.
  2. Rummy – Rummy 13 Cards is a variant of Indian Rummy where players play for points with a predetermined value of Rs 50. A player who makes the first valid declaration wins the game with 0 points and all cash based on the opponents’ total points. This is one of the most popular and fastest version of rummy games.
  3. Ludo – Everyone must be watching Ludo, what is there to say in this? Still, let us tell you that four players play in Ludo.
  4. Dragon vs Tiger – Friends Dragon Tiger is a game in which there are three types of slots. Wherever the big leaf comes, it is the WIN. In which two gets 2× paise, and one gets 9× paise.
  5. 7 Up Down – If you want to play 7 Up Down you will get three slots here. Where if between 2-6 paise is spent and you win you will get 2 times the money. And even if you invest between 8-12, you will get 2 times the money. And if you put money on 7 you will get 5 times money.
  6. Andar Bahar – Friends Andar Bahar is a game in which there are two slots. Both sides get 2× the money. The card given by the dealer where the largest leaf appears is the WIN.
  7. Poker King – Every player should know that a Patti game is a bit similar to Devil’s Place, the King is given and the Queen is given instead of God and another thing is Lucky Shot instead of a draw. There is a difference here.

How to Refer & Earn Teen Patti Dilbar App?

Friends , open the Teen Patti Dilbar App . Even after installing it will not work properly. Such as – Role, Refaral, Rank, Weekly Bonus, Progress Bonus, My Bonus and Bonus Recrd

  • Rule – If you send Rummy Dilbar to your friends or relative by doing Facebook, Whatsapp & Copy Link, then you will get a commission bonus of 30%.
  • Referral – All your referrals in this option will sleep in how many people are playing the game.
  • Weekly Bonus – This option is going to be explained in detail below, what happens in it, which is the very top option.
  • Progress Bonus – There are options similar to Weekly Bonus, below we are going to explain in detail what happens in it, which is the very top option.
  • Rank – In this option your ranking shows how many numbers you are in.
  • My Bonus – If you get money in a week, he will make you sleep record here.
  • Bonus Record – If you get Extra Bonus like Weekly Bonus and Progress Bonus all this record will sleep.

How to Get Weekly Bonus or Progress Bonus?

  • Weekly Bonus – If friends come to you ₹ 1000 – ₹ 3000 in a week, then you will get ₹ 500. If money comes up to ₹ 3001 – ₹ 5000, then you will get ₹ 1000. There are many such plans, let me see you through the picture.
  • Progress Bonus – Friends, if you recharge above ₹ 500 in Teen Patti Dilbar, then this option will appear or else it will not. Half of the money that you have received in the last one week will be taxed. This option is very good.

How to Referral Reward Teen Patti Dilbar APK?

Friends can earn money by sharing Teen Patti Dilbar App , if you link the applications to Facebook, WhatsApp and copy and send them to your friends or relatives, you will get money here. You get 100 ₹ for sending to a friend and 150 ₹ from other friends and 200 ₹ from third friends, so you will get 200 ₹.

  • Rule – If your friend or relative does a recharge of 1000 ₹ by downloading for the first time then this rule will be applicable.

How to Withdraw Teen Patti Dilbar APK?

Friends, like when you open the Teen Patti Dilbar Apk , then you will get the option of Withdraw. Click on it, after clicking, you will see the option of Chip to Bank and Chip to UPI, click on that option and fill your payment details. After that you have to withdraw your money by clicking on Withdraw. In no time your money will be credited to your account.

  1. Withdrawals apply at any time within 24 hours, and there is no charge.
  2. If your bank’s server is correct, then within 3-5 minutes the account will be credited.
  3. Please confirm that the withdrawal account information is correct.

How to Add Money Program Teen Patti Dilbar?

Like when you open Teen Patti Dilbar , you will get the option of Add Cash. Simply click on the shop, as if you click on the shop, then you will get the option of Live Online, click on it. Add Chip Minimum ₹ 11 and Maximum ₹ 100000 can add money. If friends add ₹ 1000 Add Money then you will get Extra ₹ 20. If you add ₹ 3000 then you will get Extra ₹ 75.


Q. 1. Is My Money Safe?

Answer: Our game application makes highly advanced security features to ensure the safekeeping of financial and personal data gathered from players. We make sure that we keep up with data protection legislation and that their slots and other games get audited by external security companies.

Q. 2. How to Register for the Game?

Answer: Please click Play as Guest. then register your mobile phone number by clicking your avatar icon. Click the Bound button. Fill out the in formation and set your own desired password. Click OTP then you will receive the code through SMS. Fill in the code after you receive it, dick Confirm to complete registration. Welcome and enjoy the game

Q. 3. How to Recharge?

Answer: Open our application log in, click Pay at the lobby page bottom right side. Select your desired recharge amount then you may proceed by clicking Add Cash. Choose payment method and dick Next step, then t will direct you to the payment merchant page.

Q. 4. What is the Minimum amount of Recharge?

Answer: Minimum recharge is rs. 11, the maximum recharge amount is unlimited.

Q. 5. How to make a withdrawal?

Answer: Click Withdraw on your lobby bottom side, then select the withdrawal option you want (bank or UPI) and enter your desired amount to withdraw, then click Withdraw.

Q. 6. What is the minimum amount of withdrawal?

Answer: Requires wagers are the sets that need to compere adore you can withdraw money from your game account.

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Note – Guys this game involves financial risk and this game can be addictive. So all of you are requested to play this game at your own risk. This game is only for 18+. So if you are not adult than don’t play this game.

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rummy earning app 51 Bonus

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